EYEVAN: In 1972 , EYEVAN Inc. created its first eyewear brand with the concept of “Eyewear for Dressing as a Fashion Accessory”. The founder - Mr.Tetsuji Yamamoto had collected antique frames from all over the world. Inspired from those frames, the design team developed beautiful eyewear with aesthetics, craftsmanship, and passion built within each frame.
Assembled by highly skilled artisans, each frame created the new wave of eyewear being incorporated into fashion and changed the way each viewer sees the world.


EYEVAN 7285: Eyewear that does not have technical restrictions in the manufacturing process is created with the combination of traditional manufacturing methods and new technologies with out-of-the-box thinking. Unique identity is established through beautiful details and highly sophisticated designs. Frames are carefully created in detail by hand work of highly skilled artisans in the city of Sabae, and finished pieces after about 400 processes of work can be said to be modern craftwork rather than industrial product.